Posted on November 22, 2022

Cutting a lawn is relatively easy.

The most important concept when cutting grass is cutting the grass in straight lines. This is very important: if one fails to cut in straight lines, there will be small patches of grass, that will stick out of the grass, making the job look unprofessional.

The simplest way to achieve a clean-cut lawn, is to make sure each time you make a line with the lawnmower, that the new grass is kept on the inside of the wheel of the lawnmower. This guarantees a clean smooth cut for your viewing pleasure. Make sure to have your lawnmower on the "mulch" setting, or to have a disposal bag attached to gather the clippings.

The next step in cutting a perfect grass is to edge correctly. When using your edger, be careful not to run out of string. When you bump the head to give it more string, make sure you do it often, as to not let the string get too short before you bump it. If the string gets too short, you will have to take the head off to reload it, instead of just feeding it the string.

When using your edger, be careful not to run out of string.

Quote from Superior Landscaping

The last step in completing a yard is to blow correctly. When blowing, it is very important to blow in the correct direction, try to blow in the direction of the wind. When blowing the curb, point the blower towards the inside corner of the curb, next blow the debris that is in the street.

Next blow the driveway, and other hard areas like the patio, porch, or garage. That's it, all done. Now your yard is the envy of your neighbors, and a sight to behold for the community. Congratulations on doing a great job!